Hard Choices

In 1979 I met the person was to become my best friend in the whole world, Harold Elliott. We were married in 1981 and in 1983 my second most wonderful friend in the world was born, my son Jesse. Wanting to spend all the time possible with my baby I began my own business. “The Painting Post” was born.  I taught decorative painting, sold country crafts, and did craft festivals. As time went by I decided to move to a more populated area of Mooresville. I found an empty bait and tackle store on Hwy 150, remodeled it into a cozy country store and continued to teach painting classes. In 1995 I moved to 130 W. Plaza Drive. I was introduced to the rubber stamping world in 1997 by Mrs. Gloria Hintz and the rest is history and I have never looked back.

Stamper’s Alley, and with the help of my wonderful friends without a doubt has helped see me through some very hard times. The loss of my Dad, my dear sweet husband and most recently my Mother. Had it not been for Stamper’s Alley customers I could not have made this journey. This is why it saddens me so much to have to say goodbye to Stamper’s Alley. I will be closing at the end of this year, if not maybe later. The landlord is attempting to sell the property.  He has a very good prospect and whether it goes through or not, he will eventually sell to someone.

Stamper’s Alley has been my life, my rock, my crutch, my happy place, my hideaway, and most of all a place where smiles and laughter were so easy to come by. I have made so many, many wonderful friends. We have shared many stories some sad and some happy. You were kind enough to introduce me to some of your family members. I have seen your babies grow up to be beautiful young men and women. When I think I will not be able to see you again it saddens my heart so much. It has been 30 years and I have loved every minute.  OMG! If these walls could talk.

I am sorry to say we will not be placing any orders but for some very, very limited items in the shop (tapes, glues things like that) and as always if it is something we can possibly get for you without making a full order we will try to help.

Many of you have met Karen Vandivier, Joy Martin, Vicki Freeze, Dani Beckman and Harriet Wood. These ladies have been a godsend to me since the beginning of this year. They have helped keep the doors open at the shop so I could work at my business outside of town known as HM Elliott, Inc. This is the business that my husband began in 1995. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Jackie Parkins, my computer wizard, for all her wonderful help throughout the years and for working at Stamper’s Alley when my sweet lovely friend Barbara Hammerstad moved back to Minnesota. OMG! How could I ever forget all the wonderful classes and wonderful goodies my Rock Hill buddy Melinda Doster has done for me and Stamper’s Alley.  There is no end to her talents and graciousness.  A HUGE THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU, ESPECIALLY KAREN, for being there for me. 

I will never, ever forget all of you and all the love and friendship you have shared with me. I cannot tell you enough how much you mean to me.
We will keep you informed and if you have any questions please call, email, or Facebook us anytime. 
Keep Stamping!!!!!!