Cake in a Box Class

Harriet has outdone herself this time - wait till you see what's she's cooked up for this class! 

Yep, it's a cake in a box! How cool is that? The class fee is only $15 and there are 2 classes scheduled because we're sure this class will fill up quickly - Thursday, July 30 at 10am OR Saturday, August 1 at 9:30am. For more info and what you need to bring, click here. Sign up soon!

Remember to always bring your Basic Class Kit to class. It should include the following:

Scissors, Xacto knife and self-healing cutting mat, ruler, pencil & notepad (for taking notes), regular tape, double stick tape, glue pen (or your favorite adhesive), Pop Dots or other foam adhesive, bone folder, stamp cleaner, cleaning pad or small cloth, and a small paper trimmer (6" or 12").