The new Scor-Pal is here!

Yes, we have the new and improved Scor-Pal! If you have been putting off buying a Scor-Pal, you won't want to wait any longer. This is an essential tool for any paper crafter. You can make so many different card folds, envelopes, boxes, and many other projects with this one board! The Scor-Pal site has lots of creative projects with detailed instructions. This awesome tool would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift :-)

  • When you place your card stock on the scoring surface, you are able to do multiple scores without moving the paper. Grid cards, accordion folds, boxes, etc. are scored in seconds. 
  • Intelligent Groove Spacing - A perfect combination of 1/4" and 1/8" grooves as well as the usual grooves and markings for specialty cards and folds. Makes card making easy and fun!
  • The 6" groove has markings at the bottom of the board to accurately orient your diagonal score lines.
  • Like the Scor-Buddy, it a handy magnetized area for paper clips, metal brads, etc.
  • The top ruler markings are printed in black, much easier to read.
  • An envelope instruction booklet with oodles of envelope sizes is included.
  • The included scoring tool snaps into place at the top of the unit. It is always at hand. It has been specially designed to fit the grooves so the card stock can not be torn while scoring.
  • It is the same color as the Scor-Buddy, a pretty light blue.
  • The Scor-Mat still fits conveniently on top.
We also have 2" Scor-Tape in stock and have restocked the No More Shims embossing mat for your Cuttlebug or Big Shot.