Pergamano – Colourful Seasons

For those of you interested in Pergamano, we have a new book from Ecstasy Crafts.

Colourful Seasons


This Pergamano® book has 26 projects for all seasons -- Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  Flowers and birds are this author's favorite subject -- this book contains 2 projects with bird designs, the majority are floral featured through-out the 4 seasons.  The 26 projects cover many different Pergamano® techniques, including wonderful paintwork.  The projects are characterized by lots of perforating and embossing work with beautiful paintwork.  Project patterns may also be left unpainted for whitework.
26 Projects with working descriptions and patterns for the parchment crafter.  Project titles:

  • Crocuses, card
  • Spring Bouquet, card
  • Orchid, card
  • Red Flowers, card
  • White Flower Card
  • Garden Statue, card
  • Red Poppy, card
  • Evening Primrose, card
  • Purse
  • Blue-Headed Wagtail
  • Box (see illustration below)
  • Water Lilly, card
  • Clematis, card
  • White Flowers, card (very different from White Flower Card)
  • Blue Flowers, card
  • Lady with Lilac Hat
  • Toadstool (with leaves)
  • Potpourri Sachet
  • Pink Arum Lilies, card
  • Tiger Lilies, card
  • Hydrangea Card
  • Bluebell Card
  • Bluethroat, card
  • White Christmas, card
  • White Lilies, card
  • Black-and-White Card