A Close Call

For those of you who may not have seen the news last night, Stamper’s Alley had a very close call. These photos were taken by Karen’s husband, Brian.

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The building behind the shop caught on fire and burned to the ground in a very short period of time. The firemen saved our building by spraying it with water to keep it cool and keep it from catching fire. So far, the only damage we can see is some melted moulding on the back door, a few of the blinds on the windows melted from the heat, and maybe a cracked window pane on one of the back windows. We will, of course, inspect everything more closely today.

The heat was intense, to say the least, and even though the fire trucks arrived quickly, they could not save that building. They said they would be working through the night  to be sure it didn’t flare up again and to try to determine the cause of the fire.

So we send out a huge THANK YOU to Mooresville’s fire department and we send up many prayers of gratitude.