Operation Write Home

We were collecting cards for Operation Write Home last year and the donations started to dwindle, so we discontinued the program. Well, we have an OWH shipper right here in our area now and have decided to participate in the card drive once more but we need your help.

NOTE: Cards for Easter need to be at Stamper's Alley no later than February 26 in order to get there in time. General cards can be dropped off any time, and we will post the deadlines for future holidays as we receive them.


What could be better than doing what we love—making beautiful cards—and helping our nation's brave heroes at the same time? Thousands of card makers across America are joining forces to share their gifts and talents to bless those deployed far from home, and in return are bringing smiles to families and friends across the country! There are no Hallmark stores in Baghdad! Operation Write Home's mission is to support our nation’s armed forces by sending blank greeting cards to write home on, as well as cards of gratitude to encourage them.

"What kind of cards do service members prefer?"
We're told that general cards are in greatest demand since they are not time-sensitive: miss you, love, birthday, thinking of you, hello, thank you. They send cards to husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children and friends, so any of these themes directed to any of these audiences are fabulous!

"What kind of cards should I avoid?"
No glitter that will flake off the card—it is a safety hazard; it can make a mess on a uniform and make a hero visible to night-vision goggles! Please do not send suggestive or risqué cards; we do not wish to offend any of our service members. Funny cards are okay, but keep them positive and upbeat. Avoid odd holiday sentiments—like "congratulations on your new kitten" or "welcome to the neighborhood." All cards must be handmade, no store-bought cards are accepted, sorry. Also, envelopes are not necessary.

For more information, please go to, or their blog - OperationWriteHome Homefront Blog.

Your cards can make such a difference in their daily lives. It cheers them up to know that someone cares and it helps so much for them to have access to cards to write home, either for a special occasion or just a quick note. Please consider participating if you can – they don’t need to be fancy cards, they can be very simple, but they need to be your best work. They will be appreciated, I promise!